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Not that kind, though.

Let's chat social engagement for a second here. Most people focus on how many likes they get on a post. BUT IT'S SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT!!!

Sure, likes are great, but you also want to count how many comments you have, how many people saved your post, landed in your DMs, blog traffic, website traffic, email sign ups, freebie downloads, and purchases that have been made.

ALL of your content that you put out should include a CTA (a call to action). You want your readers / viewers to feel inspired and engage with your content, not just tap the heart and scroll by.

Here are some great examples of CTA's that you can use in your content that will boost your engagement:

Follow for more (content type)

Head to the link in my bio to check out (product / blog post / etc.)

Here's what you need to do next

All you need to do is

You can find this through the link below / link in my bio

Send me a DM and let's get the conversation started

Visit my website to learn more about ...

Comment 'let's go' below and I'll send you a DM with more information

Dying for the link? Comment [emoji of your choice] below and I'll DM it to you now

Sign up today to read ...

Tag a friend who would totally get this

Tag a fellow business owner who needs to hear this

Tag someone who comes to mind

Screenshot this for later

Save this post for when you're ready to ...

Was this helpful? Drop a [emoji] below if so!

Watch our stories to see all the details

Head to the link in my bio to sign up for early access

Come back tomorrow for an exciting announcement

See what else we can do, tap the link / link in bio to see all of our services and how they can help YOU

Not sure what you need? Tell me your biggest challenge in the comments and I'll DM you a few starting points

Book a discovery call today

Craving more tips like these? Join my exclusive email community

When you're educating your audience on a product or service and end the post with a CTA, the brain automatically thinks "oo, I liked that info, good idea, let's click the link / sign up / check out the details / etc."

But if you leave the post without a CTA, your audience is just left hanging, like "ok cool, now what?" and they will more often than not, skip it and move on to the next thing (yay, I want it now culture).

So part of your marketing strategy needs to include where you want your audience to go (website, blog, storefront, DM's, etc.) and how you're going to get them there.

If you're looking for more help with your social media marketing in particular - check out the details in my Confused to CONFIDENT social marketing course. Because CTA's are just a teeny piece to the marketing strategy puzzle.

1. Engagement is more than likes

2. Use CTA's to direct your audience

3. Use the Confused to CONFIDENT social marketing course to map out a full social marketing strategy

Until next time,


p.s. have you seen this video on my client transformation??


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