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10 Social Media Predictions for 2023

New year, new roll outs. Technology is forever changing and advancing and admittedly, sometimes it hard to keep up with it all, especially as a business owner.

We're focused more on doing all the things to keep the business up and running, and social media changes aren't always at the top of the priority list.

And that's entirely ok! Social media isn't EVERYTHING, but it is a major something, so I've gathered together 10 predictions that I see for social media in 2023 (so you can keep an eye out too 😉)

  1. Video content will become reigning King over all other forms of social media. Since TikTok popularity blew up within all generations back in 2020, short form video has slowly been taking kicking butt and taking names. Expect to see even more of that in 2023.

  2. Social listening will be essential for businesses to stay on top of things. What is social listening exactly? Paying close attention to what people (especially their specific audience) say and want.

  3. Creativity will become increasingly important. We all read/watch/listen to the news, people are expecting a recession soon and with that, brands will have to get more creative with less resources to keep audience's attention.

  4. More businesses will invest in in-depth social analytics to better comprehend what their audience responds to and better measure successes and failures in social campaigns.

  5. TikTok and YouTube shorts will be increasingly important for businesses in their social media presence. Unlike the past, short form video is where it's at (ahem.. please see prediction #1)

  6. STORYTELLING. More businesses will lead their social presence with their stories. Storytelling is the way of effective marketing in 2023, using it to relate and engage more, and more authentically, with their audience.

  7. AI powered editing tools. In my opinion, probably the most convenient of the trends! While I whole heartedly believe in the power of human connection, AI copy generators can shave a lot of time with coming up with base ideas for your content so you're not starting from scratch every time.

  8. UGC or User Generated Content. Similar to (but definitely not the same as) influencers, user generated content uses your audience to promote and sell your products or services. Whether you use your actual customers, employees, UGC creators, or any combination of, UGC lends more to the authentic storytelling side of marketing.

  9. More organic content creation vs. paid spending. This follows up to #3. If we truly find ourselves in a recession, paid advertising is usually one of the top things to kick the bucket when it comes to wrangling financials. But overall, organic *tends* to be more authentic and that's really what audience's are looking for on social media: relatable authenticity.

  10. TikTok's popularity will continue to grow. Why? Not only is it the leading platform for short form video, but TikTok is a whole other ballgame when it comes to openness and authenticity in its content, making it prime digital real estate for recession proof marketing.

Social media is constantly changing and evolving and for businesses, it's important to stay on top of trends when they can.


Because in my opinion, it's the absolute best *FREE* marketing tool out there and you don't want to pass on the opportunities it presents.

It's in the final stages! Over the past few months I've been working on putting together a social media course + workbook for business owners who may be struggling to come up with relevant content for their socials.

It's tough sometimes, I get it, and we end up pushing social media to the back burner when we're feeling overwhelmed by our never ending to-do lists.

I was there, and I wish I had found something (anything) like this when I was in the trenches of figuring it all out. Something to make it easier to run my socials, and learn how to run them on autopilot from the beginning.

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