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Does having a website increase business?

Frankly, yes and no.

Having a website doesn't automatically mean that sales will just start rolling in out of nowhere. BUT, businesses who have a website typically nail15% - 50% more sales than businesses who don't.


1. It makes you look more professional. Just like you need to show up to in-person networking events, your business also needs to show it's face online.

2. You can let your SEO work for you. Getting your SEO down allows those google bots to do their job. People type in keywords in the search bar and those bots scour the internet bringing up content that's similar to what they're searching for. If your SEO is good, the internet will do the rest.

3. People can clearly see your products and services. It's all laid out for them, no guessing or assuming.

4. A website can encourage visitors to contact you or purchase right on the spot. How? That's where your content, copywriting, and marketing funnel come into play. It's all part of the digital marketing puzzle that you have to piece together for what you want your audience to do.

5. There are 4.9 billion active internet users worldwide. Who would want to miss a chance like that?!

So does having a website really increase sales? It's sheer presence, no. But as a part of your entire digital marketing strategy? Absolutely.


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