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Is email marketing dead in 2023?

On the contrary! Email marketing is still a highly relevant tool in digital marketing, bringing in anywhere from 25% - 35% of sales.

It's not only a powerful tool to help boost customer relationships, but it's the most direct way to create conversations, promote sales and services, and most of all - nurturing your warm leads.

If we reference our marketing funnel graphic below, you can see that emails land in the consideration section. That means that everyone on your mailing list has already experienced your other content and wants more.

Email is a great way to invite them even further into the funnel towards the conversion level to ultimately create that sale.

But you can't just send a one and done email and expect hundreds of sales.

You have to be consistent. No need to spam people, just find what works for the time you can allot into your marketing and balance that with what your audience wants to hear. If you have time to send out 3 emails a month - great! If you can fit in time to create emails 1 - 2x per week, super!

Whatever effort and time you are able to put it, just make sure to keep it going at a consistent pace so that you are always fresh on your audience's mind, a subconscious awareness, that will help drive the nail home when they're ready to purchase.


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