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User experience is imperative for your website.

With the rise in use of digital technology, user experience (or UX) has become more prevalent and necessary when it comes to designing websites and apps.

Think of websites in the 90's (yikes). The internet itself was still relatively new, most of what you found online then was purely informative; plain Jane layouts with a whole lot of WordArt (double yikes).

Thankfully, we've come a long way since then and now that we're in the 2K version of the roaring 20's, we're all about experience. Long gone are the days of laying out basic typewriter text with a strobing headline.

Marketing and designers alike are focusing more on user experience.

What does that mean exactly?

Think of taking your customers on a digital tour. A tour guide walks you through each part of the journey, carefully explaining and expanding on details along the way. In the end, you feel like you've walked through an entire story, beginning to end, with peaks and valleys of the story plot.

That's what you've got to emulate in your website. Take your viewers on a journey. Give them an introduction, tell them the story of your why (how your business came to be), hit their pain points (i.e. use their feelings of frustration and lack of clarity on how to solve their problem to communicate exactly how and why your product/service is the perfect solution), enlighten them in a visionary tale of what could be (i.e. how much better their life could be if they used your product/service), and bring them round to the fairytale ending of purchasing your product/service.

We want out customers to feel a certain way when interacting with our website, and to make sure that it's as easy to navigate as possible.

And of course make your website visually appealing! We are no plain Jane's anymore. We need unique and lively interactive components to keep the attention throughout the entire journey. We don't want anyone leaving the tour because they were bored or the information was so jumbled that they couldn't understand it and gave up.

So when it's time for you to rebuild your website, make sure your designer has the user's experience in mind when it comes to both design and content.


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