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Getting social with your socials.

Listen, the idea of social media is literally IN the phrase itself. It's meant for you to BE SOCIAL.

Yes, social media is a necessity in any modern marketing plan. But that doesn't mean to have to be a stiff robot and the only content you post is "Whoo! Look at this product, nifty right? Time for you to buy it for yourself!"

Because quite frankly, no one is marketing like that these days. We've transitioned to story telling and relatability.

You wouldn't walk up to someone on the street and shout your product details in their face would you? (hopefully you say no to that)

You greet, you engage, you converse, you build likability, you inspire, you build relationships.

Apply that same concept to your social media.

Instead of just posting what your product is, build a story around it; invite a conversation to open up.

Ask yourself questions like these to get you started:

• What type of person am I trying to sell to?

• What pain point(s) does my product/service solve for that person?

• How does my product/service make their life easier?

• What is the reason I created this product/service?

Use the answers as ground zero for your story and expand on those answers to get your content.

Say you're a holistic health and wellness coach. One of your ideal customers might be someone who is tired of the standard American diet and looking for something more but doesn't know where to begin in transforming their health.

Your service solves their problem of 1) not knowing where to start, and 2) being a trustworthy resource to rely on for all health and wellness information.

Your knowledge and expertise is what essentially makes their life easier. They don't have to put years of studying and exploration into finding the best alternatives for their problems - that's what you're there for!

The reason you started coaching was to teach more people about food and how it effects the way our bodies function - both physically and mentally.

Now expand on those ideas! Tailor your content to be informative, inspiring, engaging, and write it as if you were talking to an old friend who is sincerely interested in how you started your business and curious about the industry as a whole.


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