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basic to


create a stunning brand for your business


your branding is about more than just a cute logo and pretty colors

it's the foundation of your entire marketing plan

here's what you'll get in the B2B e-book


creating your
mood board

laying out your mission and values


defining your personality

positioning yourself in your industry

using color theory to develop your color scheme


pairing fonts that are cohesive

the importance of branding photography

create a brand that holds its own 

STOP relying on just your logo to represent your business

START building a brand that becomes instantly recognizable, even without your logo visible

STOP pushing out inconsistent messaging that doesn't align with your values or your audience's needs

START connecting with your audience on a deeper level

STOP creating content with whatever colors and fonts you happen to like that day

START creating gorgeous, creative, and consistent content that envelopes everything your business is about

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By the end of these 5 chapters filled with information and brand building worksheets, you will have created a brand that you can be proud of. One that shows off your uniqueness and the bold characteristics of your business to stand out against your competitors and set the foundation for your marketing strategy.

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