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Is your Holiday Marketing working for you?

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

It's mid October and we're in the middle of holiday business prep. And if you haven't started your prep already, GET ON IT!

November officially starts the holiday shopping season and you don't want to be scrambling when calls and orders start rolling in.

Last week on my instagram we shot through a quick Holiday Marketing Challenge to help you get your ducks in a row before the busy season starts. Here's a recap of what we covered.



What type of sales will you be running during the holidays?⁠ Write down everything you will be offering⁠, what products or services will be on sale⁠, how long you'll run the sale, what the discount codes will be, specific expiration dates, and a quick run down of how and when you're going to get the word out about them (i.e. social media, email blasts, starting November 1st, black Friday specials, etc.)



It is essential that your website is up to date before the holiday season begins. Make sure all of your contact information is correct, contact forms are working properly, refund or cancellation policies are updated, holiday hours and shipping times are stated boldly so no one can miss them, gift cards are up and ready for purchase.

And MOST IMPORTANTLY, make sure your site is mobile friendly! So many people shop from the comfort of their couches while scrolling, make sure your shop is easy to navigate via mobile.



Are your customers primarily local? If so, you'll want to make sure your website's SEO reflects that so you show up better and more often in searches.

p.s. be sure to use your location tagging on your socials too!! ⁠



When it comes to digital marketing, social media tends to fall to the back burner when it's busy season. Understandable, HOWEVER, you need to keep up on it to stay relevant in people's minds when they start their shopping.

It doesn't have to be fancy, but forming some sort of structured plan will take you far.⁠

My favorite tool to organize my thoughts is Trello.⁠

NOTE: You don't have to plan your entire holiday social strategy from start to finish in one day.⁠

Take it one step at a time:⁠

1) Outline what you want to focus your content on (goals, specific campaigns, etc.)⁠

2) Jot down ideas that fit into that category⁠

3) Break those ideas down into individual posts⁠

4) Curate coordinating graphics⁠

Then schedule! My personal favorite scheduling app is Later.

p.s. if you're looking for beautifully designed, ready to post graphics that you can drag and drop your information into, check out my site to shop my Canva Templates.



If you're not optimizing the power of email marketing to reach your audience, what are you even doing?⁠

Email is more personalized, it's like hand delivering a letter you wrote to your customers.⁠

It makes them feel more included, more exclusive, like they're in your top 8 friends on myspace (whew, I just dated myself there!)⁠

When it comes to the holidays, you'll want to up the ante so you can stay fresh on everyone's mind when they start their shopping.⁠

Quickly outline your next 3 - 6 email blasts to be in-line with your content and holiday sales campaigns. Once that's done you can go back and add more detail and get them scheduled to send out.


Check out my in-depth Holiday Marketing Checklist Workbook⁠ for only $12

It walks you through each section step by step with notes sections to complete as you go. Easy and convenient with everything in one place for a quick jump on your holiday marketing.


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