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Batching, and no I don't mean cookies.

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Social media can be SO DAUNTING for business owners. On top of running the day to day, keeping up on bookkeeping, records, inventory, supplies, customer service (etcetera, etcetera) social media often time takes the back burner.

The thought of tackling yet ANOTHER thing to run your business makes one want to crawl in a hole and hope and pray that the 4.74 billion people scrolling through their feeds will just stumble upon your thrown together pages and like them enough to buy your product or service.

Those chances are preeettttyyyyy slim though, my friend.

Fortunately, there's a way that we can tackle social media without feeling completely overwhelmed.

Have you heard of batching your social content?

It's when you sit down and crank out a week, a month, or a couple months of social content so that you're not scrambling every day trying to figure out what to post. Or worse yet, avoiding social media altogether.

BUT. Even that can be broken down into stages if you don't have the ability to set aside a couple hours to just crank it out.

Here's my suggestion:

Set aside just 30 minutes per day, follow the steps below and before you know it, you'll have a steady running stream of social content without even thinking about it!


Download my FREE Content Mind Map to come up with ideas to post that are relevant to your industry.


Use an organization tool like Trello to organize those ideas into pillars (i.e. similar topics go into their respective pillars)


Write out captions for those ideas. Whether it's educational, informative, inspirational, or just a Friday Funny - build on those ideas!


Create coinciding graphics in Canva.


Use a scheduling app like Later to post automatically.

Now take a deep breath and check that to-do off your list!

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